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Best Free Sources of eBooks

Top sources of free, legal, eBooks beyond the typical Public Domain offerings.

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The Top Free Cloud Hosted Webmaster Tools

The best of the best in free tools and services for webmasters. We look at Pingdom, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.

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XBMC – Free, Full-Featured Media Center

Xbox Media Center (XBMC) is a Full Featured Media front end designed to your PC into the ultimate smart-box for your TV! And best of all, it’s free!

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Free Daily Android Apps and Games

sn’t everything on the Android app store free already?? Not quite. It seems like on mobile markets these days everything is marked as free, but really what you get is a minefield of invasive ad-ware and pay walls / pay-to-win content. Of course, developers need to get paid and this is understandable, but… is there any no strings attached, free content out there? And how do you find it?

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Humble Bundle With Android 7 – Linux Supported Games

Humble Bundle

A great new Humble Bundle was released this week. All games in the bundle are multi OS supported and include support for both Android and Linux platforms! What a great opportunity for Linux gamers and Steam Linux users to expand their gaming library and get some hot new games for your Samsung Galaxy S4 or other android mobile devices in the process.

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SteamOS – The Linux Gaming Platform


The days of workstation pcs and computer den’s are fading away as tablets and the living room computing experience gain momentum. Windows is slowly but surely losing it’s impenetrable foothold on the PC gaming market as a result and everyone is scrambling to step in and take control.

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Using CloudFlare FREE CDN to Boost Your Website Performance

Cloud hosting is quickly becoming the next big thing, and the industry standard in the world of web hosting. CloudFlare has set themselves apart from the competition as the leading supplier of FREE CDN services. In this article we analyze this free service and what it has to offer you.

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The Best Free Email Services for your Domain


Best options for Free Domain Email services in 2014. We examine the pros and cons of various serivces, including setup tutorials to get you started.

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Best Free Dynamic DNS Services

Review of all the top FREE Dynamic DNS Providers and an overview of what is offered for free vs a premium paid service.

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The Great… err… The Attempted CISPA Blackout of Apr 22


On Apr 22 2013, there was a website blackout in protest of the CISPA, mirroring the events of the SOPA protest in 2012. The 2nd demonstration, while certainly receiving support, did not quite go as planned.

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