Humble Bundle With Android 7 – Linux Supported Games

A great new Humble Bundle was released this week. All games in the bundle are multi OS supported and include support for both Android and Linux platforms! What a great opportunity for Linux gamers and Steam Linux users to expand their gaming library and get some hot new games for your Samsung Galaxy S4 or other android mobile devices in the process.

For those unfamiliar with the Humble Bundle, these are “pay what you want” packages of games in which a user defined percentage of the proceeds goes towards charities. Humble Bundle is currently supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity, both great and geek oriented causes! While the games themselves do not directly fit into the open source / creative commons theme of this site, I think it’s a great project to give back to the community and to developers, and allows for people with less disposable income to enjoy some great games at a price point they can afford.

EFFChilds Play Charity

Check out to get in on this great deal!

Games in this Bundle:




* Please note that the Humble Bundle changes every 2 weeks so this package / information may not be relevant in a few weeks.

Derek Eatough
Derek Eatough

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