New Humble Bundle Mar 27 Featuring Open Source Projects!

Humble Bundle

Humble Weekly Bundle – Open Source

A great new humble bundle was just announced today featuring all games which are utilizing open source projects! Open source is fairly uncommon for game development so this is a really great chance to get in and support some great developers helping lead the way into the future of open source development, and support some great charities in the process!

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Celebrate Open Source! The Humble Weekly Sale supports open source projects. Each game in this bundle was made featuring some open source tool or library. Pay what you want for the high school-themed fantasy game, Magical Diary, the post-apocalyptic turn-based adventure game, NEO Scavenger (Early Access Game), the baby-throwing puzzle platformer, Offspring Fling!, and the visually stunning sci-fi combat game, Planet Stronghold. If you pay $6 or more, you’ll also get the whimsical 2-D puzzler, Anodyne, the tower defense and RPG hybrid, Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten, the 3-D action-adventure, Evoland, and the unique, limb-pulling adventure-puzzler, Incredipede.

But wait, there’s more! An exclusive demo of Even the Ocean is available on Windows and Mac for all purchasers!

Pay what you want. Normally, these games would cost you more than $100, but we are letting you name your price!

DRM-free and on Steam. This bundle of games is available DRM-free for Windows and Mac, with most titles also available for Linux. Additionally, Android versions are available for Incredipede and Planet Stronghold. Pay $1 or more to gain access to the games on Steam, with the exception of Planet Stronghold, which is ready to play DRM-free. Please check out the full system requirements here.

Note: Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten is also available for redemption on GOG.

Support Open Source! You choose where your money goes: between the developers and/or four open source projects, FlashDevelop, OpenFL, Ren’Py and Haxe Foundation. And if you like this promotion, a tip to Humble Bundle would be greatly appreciated!

Derek Eatough
Derek Eatough

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