About This Site

Who we are!

GNU Tomorrow is dedicated to the exploration of free, open source software alternatives, as well as the exploration of all non-copyright material, such as creative commons, public domain, copy-left and more.

The internet is an extremely powerful resource that has brought communities together where software and media is produced, not purely for corporate profit, but for the love of the craft and for the betterment of the community. Open Source however does not need to mean non-profit. There are plenty of major corporations at the forefront of the open source movement, developing enterprise quality software, who are offering their products for free and have redefined their business models in terms of where their profit is derived.

However, anytime the word “free” becomes involved in the internet world, there are piles upon piles of garbage, scams and sleeze that needs to be sifted through. Our goal at GNU Tomorrow is to help separate the wheat from the chaff and direct you to the best free resources on the internet that have no strings attached.

What is “GNU”?

“GNU” stands for GNU’s Not Unix. This was an operating system built to be similar to a licensed OS called “Unix” and was released completely free and open source. This sparked a licensing model called the “GPL” which is an open source and free software licensing model, requiring all derivative work to also be released under the same GPL license.  GNU and the GPL are a big part of the initial free source movement and a huge force shaping what we know today.

While this site is not dedicated to GNU or GPL, we felt this play on words embodied and symbolized the goal and objectives of the site.

Free License Models

It’s impossible to put onto paper an all encompassing list of open software / media licenses. This site is not intended to explore any one type exclusively. Our biggest focus will be on:

  • Open Source
  • Creative Commons
  • Public Domain
  • Copy-Left (such as GPL licensing)
  • etc

We will also occasionally cover some copyright material if we feel it encompasses a community first attitude.